Saltwater Angelfish


Why are Saltwater Angelfish so popular with Saltwater Hobbyists?

Saltwater Angelfish are one of the most truly beautiful fish species. Their magnificent colors are simply breath taking. Marine angelfish are amongst the pride and joy of many hobbyists. Species like the Coral Beauty, Bicolor Angel and the Flame angelfish, all make fabulous additions to a home aquarium. All of the above are considered to be dwarf angelfish. The Flame Angelfish for example is one of the most instantly recognizable fishes in the hobby. The male will typically reach a maximum size of 15cm. These particular angels are retrieved from the Marshall Islands and exported through Hawaii. They will generally need to be housed in a minimum of a 300 litres aquarium.

Saltwater Angelfish like the Emperor Angelfish, Majestic Angel and the Blueface Angelfish reach a more commanding size and generally require much larger setups than the dwarf angles command. The Emperor Angel for example is a favorite amongst many hobbyists. The male Emperor can attain a maximum size of 40cm. These angels can be found widespread in the Indo-Pacific. They will generally require an aquarium with a minimum size of 550 litres.

The juvenile marine angelfish can have a different coloration than the adult angelfish has. It must also be noted that saltwater angelfish are protogynous hermaphrodites. This means that all angels are female at the beginning of their life cycle. However the dominant specimens will then turn male.

Choosing the right Saltwater Angelfish

It is vital that you select the right saltwater angelfish for your aquarium. This will depend on the set up you have along with the size of your tank. You must consider that some angels should not be housed in a reef set up. The angel’s aggression and territorial side will also determine whether they are a wise choice for your particular tank set up. The Flame Angel for example tends to display aggression towards similarly sized fish and is known to attack tangs when they are first introduced into the aquarium. Some hobbyists have had success maintaining the Flame Angel in a reef setup, despite the fact that they do have a tendency to nip at corals. The Emperor Angelfish can be housed in a well planned out reef aquarium. Hobbyists have had success-keeping juveniles in a reef environment with little problems arising. It is thought that these angles can be trusted with most small polyp stony corals.

Success in keeping a healthy and thriving saltwater angelfish lies in our ability to engage in an avalanche of research on the particular angel we wish to house in our setup. Following the abundance of research and knowledge that is out there on keeping such fish, then we can arrange our setup and engage in an aquarium plan that allows for the optimum conditions and environment for our chosen marine angelfish.

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