Peaceful Tropical Fish

What are the Best Peaceful Tropical Fish for a Community Aquarium?


Many homes are enhanced by the presence of a community aquarium. However, most of us want the aquarium to stay as harmonious as possible. Therefore, it’s essential to learn what Peaceful Tropical Fish can coexist in a happy and calm environment.

Below are listed the species of peaceful tropical fish that mix together in the easiest manner. However, fish have different personalities and may display behaviour that is out of the ordinary for their particular species. Keep an eye on them and move quickly to stop anything that may be interrupting the harmony of you aquarium.



The Molly can come in a variety of shapes and colours and they are incredibly peaceful tropical fish. Keep an eye on them if you are housing them with any fish that might have long, flowing fins as they have been known to be fin nippers. However, they are generally a very peaceful fish with tonnes of personality.



The Guppy is perhaps the most popular group of peaceful tropical fish. They are very hardy and have been bred by experts to enhance patterns and colourations on the fish. Males are easy to distinguish as they are usually extremely colourful with large Caudal Fins, whereas the female will be of a thicker body, with short fins and less colourful.



The Platy comes from South-America and is really popular amongst keepers of tropical community aquariums. Again, the Platy is available in a range of sizes and colours including the Micky Mouse Platy and Tuxedo Platy’s. Females are generally larger than males with both being very active in the aquarium provided they are kept in high quality Water conditions.



The sheer amount of different types of Tetra’s can be quite overwhelming when you start investigating this genus. They are a massive family with a large portion being very peaceful tropical fish. For example, one of the most kept types of fish in a community aquarium is the Neon Tetra. These are shoaling fish that look amazing swimming as a large group in your aquarium. Good quality lighting will reflect the silver of their bodies while at the same time high light the flashing blue and red that adorns their bodies.



There are many types of Cory’s and the majority of them are very peaceful tropical fish. For the main, they keep to themselves, sifting through the substrate of the aquarium and picking up any leftover food in the aquarium that the middle and top abiding species missed on its way down. Not only is there the benefit of them being a very peaceful species of fish, they will also keep the bottom of the tank clean and reduce the amount of vacuuming you’ll need to do on the substrate.


This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but for those of you at a beginner level who are looking to establish a community aquarium, this is a really good starting point to getting the right peaceful tropical fish to give your setup the best chance of thriving.



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