Indoor Aquaponics – Is it for you?

Indoor Aquaponics – Is it for you?

There are many benefits of aquaponics and one that seems to be a particular favourite among people who practice this growing method, is the fact that you can very easily set up indoor aquaponics. I have seen a lot of systems and people can be really imaginative when it comes to growing vegetable indoors. From a basic setup over an aquarium to ones that incorporate tunnels that run through their kitchens, full of sprouting vegetables begging to be picked!

As we rely on the symbiotic relationship of fish and plants, it makes sense that we can do this indoors so long as we have the right set up. In fact, most of us cannot afford a massive investment and will be growing in smaller sized systems, whether they be indoors or outdoors.

What differences will there be? Well for one you’ll need to take into account that the natural light will be near non-existent indoors so you’ll need the addition or full spectrum grow lights to get the best possible yield from your indoor aquaponics set up. Not only should you take the purchase of this light into account but the cost of running the light (i.e. electricity) roughly 12 hours a day.

Apart from that the only difference will be the size of the system. What people find works great is identify spaces within the house; garage, basement, kitchen etc. that aren’t in use and the size of a system that would fit in there. It’s not all DIY jobs either, with the rise of interest in growing your own food, many companies are now offering small, all in one indoor aquaponics systems. They also tend to have a contemporary design which means they’ll be an aesthetic advantage to any room as well as providing you with a constant supply of highly nutritious food.

Remember that wherever you place the system that it needs to be able to support the weight of a water filled tank, these are heavy! Also take into account that as the system contains a lot of water, spillages are more than likely. You also want to keep it in an area where temperature doesn’t fluctuate to wildly. Your fish will be much happier and you heater won’t have to work so hard to regulate temperatures, also lowering electricity costs.

Smaller systems mean smaller fish so make sure you read up on the maximum size a fish will reach before adding it to the system. Different species of fish need adequate swimming room. Chances are that if you go down the route of an indoor aquaponics system, you will keep decorative fish for the purpose of feeding plants rather than feeding you!

(Click here for a list of fish for Aquaponics Systems.)

An indoor aquaponics system is certainly doable, you just need to make sure you do your research and get the set up that’s going to be most effective for you. Many people choose an indoor aquaponics system and it’s an excellent way to get some experience, even if you’re end goal is to have a huge outdoor setup!

Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together 

Grow an entire dinner right in your backyard with aquaponics! Safe, healthy fish and organic vegetables with no weeds!

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