Fish tank ornaments


Fish tank ornaments

One of the most exciting parts of the new aquarium set up often lies in the acquisition of new fish tank ornaments. Deciding on what fish tank ornaments to put in your tank can often lead to a feeling quite similar to that of a child in a candy store. However, caution should be advocated at this point. While this is certainly an exciting aspect to embarking on a new aquarium set up, consideration must be given to the type of fish that you intend to house in your tank.

Territorial fish may appreciate more areas that they can establish their territories, given to them via cleverly designed rockwork and caves. This in itself should ease any major territorial issues that may arise in the aquarium. However, a further consideration must be given to the placement of these fish tank ornaments and rocks to make sure that the water can flow easily through them. This will help ease any waste build up in such areas.

When keeping cichlids, many hobbyists have found the addition of certain rocks such as limestone, beneficial in rising and to maintain a balanced level of Ph in their aquarium. The level that is required to keep happy and healthy cichlids. This can also be used to maintain a balanced Ph level in a saltwater aquarium. While fish will benefit from a naturally balanced Ph level and enjoy the caves and holes provided via the rockwork display, be sure not to include too much in your aquarium. Fish enjoy swimming space; therefore just add enough without sabotaging their swimming environment.

Fish tank ornaments in an aquarium can aid fishes stress levels by providing them with areas to hide. Plastic plants can provide shelter for many fish. By you creating as Fish tank ornamentsnatural an environment that to which they are familiar with can ease any stress that a fish may be subjected to on introduction to the new aquarium environment. But you must ensure that these ornaments will not leach any harmful chemicals into your aquarium that will endanger your fish’s health. To avoid this we would strongly recommend only purchasing your ornaments from your local aquatic store.

Natural Fish Tank Ornaments

Driftwood is commonly used to decorate an aquarium. It appeals to many hobbyists who are drawn to creating that natural looking aquarium set up when aquascaping their tank. Its ability to allow beneficial bacteria to build up on it further provides a less visual bonus. However, it is crucial that you soak this wood in water before you place it in your aquarium. Your local aquatic store may sell wood that has already been soaked but if not it is wise to soak it in a bucket of water for a couple of days, changing the water every day till the water is no longer discolored. You must take into account that this will not permanently stop the leaching. It will continue to leach in your aquarium. However, depending on your setup you may find it useful to use activated carbon to remove it from your aquarium water. If you plan on keeping natural plants in your tank, then activated carbon will not aid this, as it will remove all the beneficial elements required by your plants. This wood also has a tendency to lower the Ph level slightly so it may not be suitable with the fish you intend to stock.

These are just some of the fish tank ornaments that can be used to decorate your aquarium. Ultimately you will need to consider what fish you intend to house in your new aquarium and whether you would like a planted tank or not. There are so many aspects to choose from and so many things to take into account when embarking on your freshwater or saltwater journey. The key to your success truly relies on the research you do beforehand.

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