Venustus Cichlid (Nimbochromis venustus)

Venustus Cichlid (Nimbochromis venustus) The Venustus Cichlid (Nimbochromis Venustus) Is a favourite amongst cichlid keepers due to it’s stunning colouring and keen intelligence. It’s striking pattern has also lead to this fish being described as the ‘Giraffe Cichlid’. Be wary with the fish you house with this cichlid. The Venustus Cichlid

Gold Sexfasciatus Cichlid (Neolamprologus sexfasciatus)

Gold Sexfasciatus Cichlid (Neolamprologus sexfasciatus) The attractive Gold Sexfasciatus Cichlid (Neolamprologus sexfasciatus) can be found in the rocky coastal waters of Southern Lake Tanganyika, Africa. This aggressive cichlid cannot be housed in a community tank. They are recommended for the experienced cichlid keeper, but provide excellent rewards for anyone up to

Red Zebra Cichlid (Metriaclima estherae)

Red Zebra Cichlid (Metriaclima estherae) The Red Zebra Cichlid (Metriaclima estherae) can also be referred to as the Red Mbuna or Cherry Zebra. They are highly aggressive fish endemic to minos reef in Lake Malawi. In the wild, males are blue to whitish pink and females are a deep orange or red.

red peacock cichlid

Red Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara sp.) The Red Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara sp.) is a captive bred color morph of the peacock cichlid. They have a body that displays vivid reds and oranges, contrasted with bright blue markings on the face, tail and fins. These cichlids generally get on with most fish,

Moorii Cichlid (Tropheus moorii)

Moorii Cichlid (Tropheus moorii) The Moorii Cichlid (Tropheus moorii) is a striking black cichlid with a vivid yellow band. The Tropheus are extremely aggressive towards their own kind. Moorii are lively fish, and may prove disruptive in a community tank. These fish are difficult to sex and are maternal mouth-brooders. Care Level:

Marlieri cichlid

Marlieri Cichlid (Julidochromis marlieri) The Marlieri Cichlid (Julidochromis marlieri), also known as the Marlier’s Julie, Checkered Julie, Julidochromis marlieri, or the Julido Marlieri Cichlid. is a peaceful and shy cichlid that originates from the rocky shorelines of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. It will stay in the rocks towards the back of the aquarium, darting out

kribensis cichlid

Kribensis Cichlid (Pelvicachromis pulcher) The vivid and eye catching Kribensis Cichlids (Pelvicachromis pulcher) has a long body and is black in color with yellow stripes and a red belly. The belly takes on a more vivid red coloration during times of breeding. This smaller African Cichlid is often referred to as a dwarf Cichlid. It is easy

Kenyi Cichlid (Metriaclima lombardoi)

Kenyi Cichlid (Metriaclima lombardoi) The Kenyi Cichlid (Metriaclima lombardoi) is also called the Lombardoi Cichlid, Golden Zebra Cichlid,  Metriaclima lombardoi or Pseudotropheus lilancinius. They are a semi-aggressive Cichlid endemic to Lake Malawi. The striking difference between the bright blue of the female, to the vibrant yellow of the males, make this species a

Gold Head Compressiceps Cichlid

Gold Head Compressiceps Cichlid (Altolamprologus compressicep) You will find the highly attractive Gold Head Compressiceps Cichlid (Altolamprologus compressicep) in the rocky coastal waters of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. It is an aggressive fish with a body shape adapted for the rocky rubble areas it inhabits in the wild.  Its shape allows it to to

Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa)

Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) The Frontosa Cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa) is also referred to as the Paratilapia frontosa or Pelmatochromis frontosus. Frontosa’a are found, deep in the waters of Lake Tanganyika. In their native Africa, Frontosa African Cichlids are considered a delicacy on the table. However, they are also fascinating aquarium inhabitants, if you take