Tinfoil Red Tail Barb (Barbus schwanefeldi) The Tinfoil Red Tail Barb (Barbus schwanefeldi) is a fascinating fish. Their scales glitter as per their names and they are, generally, a peaceful fish. Tinfoil Barbs prefer to live in shoals of at least five. You will notice that they will act more aggressively if kept on

Snakeskin Barb (Puntius rhombocellatus) The Snakeskin Barb (Puntius rhombocellatus) are a beautiful species of fish that are excellent additions to community, or species only, aquariums of 30 gallons or more. A lot of freshwater aquarists can be turned off the aggression and fin-nipping tendencies of other barbs. However the Snakeskin Barb is

Panda Barb (Puntius fasciatus) The Panda Barb (Puntius fasciatus) is a fascinating member of the barb family that can grow to 5 inches in length. They should be kept in groups as, despite the size they can grow to, they are timid and don’t like being alone. Keep a shoaling group of at least

hexagon barb

Hexazon Barb (Puntius pentazona) The Hexazon Barb (Puntius pentazona) is also referred to as the five banded barb and does best in a school of five or more. These barbs are notoriously easy to care for and grow to 2 inches in length. They love a planted aquarium that offers lots of

Albino Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) The Albino Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) are active and playful fish. They have variation of colour, some being more creamy white, while others are more of a pink colour. They are  a shoaling fish that can be combined with Tiger Barbs for a splash of colour.  Care Level:

Green Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona)

Green Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) The Green Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona) is one of the most notable colour morphs of the Tiger Barb. It is a popular and a lively fish and a common favourite among hobbyists. Green barbs are best kept in large groups. This will lessen the risk of bullying. The active

albino cherry barb

Albino Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya) The Albino Cherry Barb (Puntius Titteya) is a great addition to a community tank sue to it’s peaceful and shy nature. It will not harass other tank mates like some barbs are prone to do. They are a schooling fish that will love a well planted

Gold Barb

Gold Barb (Puntius sachsii) The hardy Gold Barb (Puntius sachsii) is a popular choice among hobbyists. It has a mostly gold-coloured body with small, dark or black patches running down the lateral line. As it matures, the fin coloration develops into a striking red/orange. It is much more peaceful than


Denison Barb (Barbus denisonii) The Denison Barb (Barbus denisonii) can also be called the Red Lined Torpedo Barb or the Rose Line Shark. The flashes of red and black on this shoaling fish are stunning on the green backdrop of a planted tank. They’re bodies are longer than most barbs and

Odessa Barb

Odessa Barb (Puntius sp.) The Odessa Barb (Puntius Sp.) Can also be called the Scarlet Barb. These barbs have a vibrant red splash on their bodies. This looks amazing in a shoaling group of 8 or more in the aquarium. Keeping fewer than 5 to a group will lead to the