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8 of the Strangest Aquatic Creatures The ocean is home to some of the most exotic and diverse creatures on planet earth, yet as we descend below 500 metres, we encounter creatures unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Here are just a few of the creatures that inhabit the void: Fangtooth

Indoor Aquaponics - Is it for you?

Indoor Aquaponics – Is it for you? There are many benefits of aquaponics and one that seems to be a particular favourite among people who practice this growing method, is the fact that you can very easily set up indoor aquaponics. I have seen a lot of systems and people

Peaceful Tropical Fish

What are the Best Peaceful Tropical Fish for a Community Aquarium?   Many homes are enhanced by the presence of a community aquarium. However, most of us want the aquarium to stay as harmonious as possible. Therefore, it’s essential to learn what Peaceful Tropical Fish can coexist in a happy

Aquaponic Fish & Plants

What Plants & Fish Can Be Successfully Harvested from An Aquaponic System? Nowadays traditional farming is being overlooked by newer ways of growing plants. A lot of people have explored hydroponic farming which enables them to grow vegetables in their own house by just using water and some specially designed containers. Yet, the drawbacks

Aquaponics Farming

So What Exactly Is Aquaponics Farming? Growing your own crops can be a demanding task even for those with green fingers who love spending time in their garden! It can be a time consuming endeavour that requires a lot of energy and dedication. On top of that, keeping a successful garden requires good,

advantages of aquaponics

Aquaponics is a new way of sustainable farming that is becoming increasingly popular. People are now more intrigued at the idea of becoming self-sufficient. And why not? There are numerous advantages of aquaponics, some of which we will discuss below. But first we will take a brief look at just

aquaponics system

Want your own Aquaponics System but don’t know where to start? Having an Aquaponics System, which is essentially growing plants and fish together, has become increasingly popular in recent years. This system of aquaculture allows the waste, which is produced by the fish, to serve as nutrients for the plants.


Aquaponics Never before has the idea of growing vegetables indoors intrigued us so much. Lobster farming, producing our own food and becoming self-sufficient are heart felt goals of so many. And why not! It is so easy and simple to do. With aquaponics gardening we can now even do it

How to clean aquarium's

How to clean aquarium’s One major objective of many hobbyists is to have a sparkling clean aquarium, which means that many of our team is frequently asked how to clean aquarium’s. The answer of course is that it is very simple process that does not necessarily require a significant outlay

Fish tank ornaments

  Fish tank ornaments One of the most exciting parts of the new aquarium set up often lies in the acquisition of new fish tank ornaments. Deciding on what fish tank ornaments to put in your tank can often lead to a feeling quite similar to that of a child