Never before has the idea of growing vegetables indoors intrigued us so much. Lobster farming, producing our own food and becoming self-sufficient are heart felt goals of so many. And why not! It is so easy and simple to do. With aquaponics gardening we can now even do it with a simple little set up in our kitchens.

Aquaponics is essentially a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. While aquaculture requires the removal of waste from the water, aquaponics cleverly recycles this waste by using it as nutrients for the plants. The plants, having removed the nutrients that they require from the wastewater, then return this water back to the fish, clean.

When embarking on your aquaponic journey you can either set up your own system or get a commercial aquaponics system. Some people, like myself, start out with a small simple system on their kitchen counter and then create a much bigger set up in their back gardens.

When setting up your aquaponic system you will need to take into account is the surface or ground where you intend to put system reasonably flat as the system will be relying on gravity despite using a pump. The goal is to make the system work as efficiently as possible without adding anything that may work against it or make the process any way harder then needs be.

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When choosing the location of your system a further consideration will need to be given to its ability to access electricity. You will need to be able to plug in pumps safely and avoid any power outs as much as possible. Pumps will need to be running all the time so that there is constant flow of water. This will ensure that there is oxygen in the water and avoids any build up of harmful ammonia.

Depending on the choice system you set up, you may also need to use a cover. This may be in times of heavy rainfall where your system will not benefit from flooding. In these incidences it is essential that the ability to provide cover is an easy and simple process. The cover need not be a solid or fancy design; it can be a simple form of sheeting that prevents heavy rain entering your system. Other aquaponic set-ups may benefit greatly from a heavy down pour of rain. So it really depends on the system you have set up.

Noise is not really a major issue with aquaponics design. The pumps tend to be very quite despite the fact that they are constantly running but you may not want to have this right next to your chair as you watch television in the kitchen or right outside your bedroom window.

The major benefits of an aquaponics design are that you will use only 10% of the water normally required during traditional gardening and fish farming. It will also substantially reduce or even eliminate the need to purchase any costly nutrients that would be required to grow plants normally. Aquaponics is an effective and an extremely rewarding way to grow.

Grow an entire dinner right in your backyard with aquaponics! Safe, healthy fish and organic vegetables with no weeds!


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